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Mississippi River Paddle Share is a new and exciting recreational and transportation opportunity for people who have some kayaking experience, don’t own a boat, and want a safe and enjoyable river experience. This is a first of its kind in a national park and in the country.

Here’s how it works.

You now have three options:

  1. North Mississippi Regional Park to Boom Island Park
    (Friday - Monday)
    Rent a single-person or two-person kayak (for $25 or $40, respectively, for three hours) from North Mississippi Regional Park and paddle 3.9 miles to the return stations located at Boom Island Park. All kayaks and equipment must be returned to Boom Island Park by the end of your rental period. It takes approximately 1 1/4 hrs to paddle through to Boom Island, but that could vary depending on conditions. We recommend enjoying the full three hours on the river. Bring a picnic, observe the heron rookery north of the Lowry Avenue Bridge, and/or stop for a snack or beverage at one of several establishments.
  2. Lowry Avenue Bridge to Boom Island Park
    (Friday - Monday)
    Rent a single-person kayak (for $20 for three hours) from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization and paddle 1.7 miles to the return stations located at Boom Island Park. All kayaks and equipment must be returned to Boom Island Park by the end of your rental period. This paddle takes approximately 30-45 minutes depending on conditions, but feel free to take longer. You can view a heron rookery just a short upstream paddle from the Lowry Avenue Bridge.
  3. Hidden Falls Regional Park to Harriet Island Regional Park
    (Friday - Monday)
    Rent a single-person or tandem kayak (for $25 or $40, respectively, for three hours) at Hidden Falls Regional Park and paddle 6.3 miles to the return stations located at Kelley’s Landing at Harriet Island Regional Park. All kayaks and equipment must be returned to the appropriate locker at Harriet Island by the end of your rental period.
    Warning: There is a significant chance of encountering barge and other commercial traffic in this stretch. Extra caution and experience required.

Important Information

  • Reservations can be made several days in advance and you can reserve more than one boat at a time.
  • Late returns will be locked out and charged $100 per hour.
  • The paddle share system is for experienced kayakers. You must be 18 or older to operate a kayak by yourself, but you can be younger or be less experienced if you are in a two-person kayak with an experienced adult kayaker.
  • If you are a beginner, please enjoy other ways to paddle with Above the Falls Sports, Wahoo! Adventures, Wilderness Inquiry, Wheel Fun, REI Outdoor School, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, or your local park and recreation department.
  • The system will be shut down due to unfavorable river conditions (high water levels/currents, heavy precipitation, strong winds forecasted, etc.) no later than one hour before rental periods. All reservation fees will then be refunded. Check Facebook, Twitter, or call 844-694-6489 (toll free) to confirm stations are open.
  • The locks at St. Anthony Falls are closed. For your safety, it is mandatory that you take out at Boom Island. Look for return station signs on the left descending bank just after the Lowry Avenue Bridge. The take-out from that point is about 150 yards downstream.
  • Be aware of hazards on the river like fallen trees, bridge piers, and eddys. View our Safety and FAQs for more information.

Ready to rent a kayak?

  1. Click the "Make a Reservation" button at the bottom of this section that corresponds to the location you’d like to start your trip.
  2. Choose your rental period.
  3. Read the safety information and sign the Waiver.
  4. Pay with a credit card.
  5. You will be emailed and texted an access code* that unlocks a Paddle Share locker that includes your kayak, paddle, and life vest.
  6. Remove your equipment and close your locker.
  7. Be safe. Enjoy your paddle!
  8. Return your equipment on time to the appropriate location.

*Check your spam folder if you don’t receive your access code.

Make a Reservation

North Mississippi Regional Park

Make a Reservation

Mississippi Watershed Management Organization

Make a Reservation

Hidden Falls Regional Park

Note: Your kayak has a unique number (e.g., S3U1). Please be sure to return your kayak equipment into the corresponding locker at Harriet Island and lock your kayak up with the corresponding lock (e.g., S3U1R) there, which has the same access code that was provided to you at the time reserved.

All the stations are aligned with Nice Ride bike share stations. For a separate fee, you can paddle one way and bike back along this great river. See www.rivertripplanner.org for transit and bike share options, including schedules and locations.


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Nice Ride iconNice Ride
Paddle share route iconPaddle share route
Caution: yield to rowers present iconCaution: yield to rowers present

2017 Operating Season
(Weather Dependent)

North Mississippi Regional Park/
MWMO Stations

August: Friday-Monday
Labor Day, September 4th
September-October: Friday-Sunday

Hidden Falls Regional Park
August: Friday-Monday
Labor Day, September 4th
September-October: Friday-Sunday

Emergency: 911
Questions or equipment problems?
844-694-6489 (toll-free)

For closure notifications, check: https://www.facebook.com/paddleshare.org/
or call 844-694-6489 (toll-free)

For more information
or to book a special event,
call 651-293-8436.

Go to the nearest take-out or Paddle Share station to get off the river in the event of bad weather

Thank You Paddle Share Partners!

Plans are to expand the Paddle Share system over the next few years throughout the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.

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