Harriet Island Regional Park

The award-winning Harriet Island Regional Park is one of Saint Paul’s—and one of the Twin Cities’—most popular parks. Located alongside the Mississippi River near downtown Saint Paul, the ‘island’ boasts many amenities, including large public event grounds, bandshell, playground, and picnic areas as well as the stately WPA pavilion designed by the pioneering African American architect, Clarence Wigington. Kelley’s Landing, named after the late Tom Kelley, a local champion for preserving land on the Mississippi River, is located just west of the Pavilion. The Paddle Share station is located on the southeast part of Kelley’s Landing.

  • There is currently no bike share at this site.

Warning: There is a significant chance of encountering barge and other commercial traffic in this stretch. Extra caution and experience required.


This is a commercial stretch of river. To ensure your safety, please stay close to the bank when passing a large boat that is moving. It is extremely hard for large vessels and tow boats to see small boats such as kayaks and difficult for them to move quickly. When paddling past a boat that is docked, stay at least 100 feet away. When the river is high, currents near large boats can pull small boats under.

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Caution: yield to rowers present iconCaution: yield to rowers present


Stay away from commercial traffic and be prepared to wait for traffic to clear in this stretch of the river.

  • To avoid commercial vessels, please stay on river left/along the left descending bank from Hidden Falls to river mile 841.25.
  • Don’t paddle within 1,000 feet ahead or behind and don’t paddle with 100 feet from the side of any commercial vessel.
  • Currents can pull small craft under.
  • Commercial vessels always have the right of way.

Thank You Paddle Share Partners!

Plans are to expand the Paddle Share system over the next few years throughout the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.

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